Client Departments

The ASG currently provides support for the following Departments.


Faculty Testimonials

"Gigi has been a wonderful help with my teaching-related needs.... I couldn't have managed without her assistance."
--Afsaneh Najmabadi, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of History and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality 
"Robin is [the] greatest. I feel so grateful to not have to worry about keeping track of when I need to order books, upload materials, etc. A few weeks before the deadline she reminds me it’s coming up and then I just send her the stuff. It’s amazing. It liberates me from worrying about missing essential tasks. I’m so grateful that despite the fact that Robin is off site she’ll come pick up materials to scan and return them. I hope Robin is happy at her job because she does so much in behind the scenes ways to make me happy at mine."
--Hannah Marcus, Assistant Professor of the History of Science
"Robin [Yun] has been extraordinarily helpful; in fact, superb. Today as nearly every day she fulfills crucial requests--today she managed (miraculously) to secure two essays from Widener, essays in obscure journals that no mere mortal could have found. I'm deeply grateful for her efficiency and professionalism."
--Peter E. Gordon, Amabel B. James Professor of History

"The ASG group has been very helpful to the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments over the past several years. The support provided (whether administrative or technical) is always professional and prompt. I would recommend anyone to reach out to the ASG group to answer specific questions and request help, especially in time of crisis when their expertise is so valued."

--Jean-Francois Gauvin, Lecturer and Director of Administration (formerly), Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments